The Blog Tech

 The Blog Tech and his wife just recently closed on their first house.  To save some money, they are doing a lot of the demolition work before the contractor starts the big redo.  One thing they had to do was replace a support beam in the basement.  This meant jackhammering a 3 food deep hole.  The Blog Tech worked very hard on this project.

 He is very proud of himself.

He couldn't believe he was able to accomplish this task.

 He might be losing it a bit though.  This project is bringing out his macabre side.

I don't think I will be visiting that basement any time soon!


Heidi O'Brien said…
Your son looks like the most delightful young man. You have every reason to be enormously proud.
Yes, the question is -- what is he BURYING in that 3 foot deep pit?
Susan said…
Being a native Clevelander, I love that t-shirt! I see he as an excellent sense of the dramatic - with lighting! It's not easy digging a hole that deep!
cobngratulations on a job well done.
It is so fun to use a jackhammer :-)
Of course he should be proud of himself!

Have a great day!

Rain said…
Ha ha ha ha ha! Great! Bring on the macabre lol! Very cute Joyce!!! Congrats to the Blog Tech for his jack-a-hammerin'!!! :)
Guillaume said…
Always nice to bring up the macabre side. We need more macabre.
Congratulations on their new home & on his wedding - I've been MIA for a while.
I hope you've been well, it was nice stopping by.