The Chef's Sandwiches

 A couple times each week, I make my daughter's boyfriend sandwiches to take to work.  When you cook the way he does all the time, you tend to not feed yourself well.  I won't say how I know this.

 The Chef's sandwiches are Winnie's favorite attraction.

 I guess the smells drive her a little bit crazy and the unending hope of a floor drop keeps her very alert.

 Though occasionally a nap is due when the wait is too long.

Very accidentally, I always manage to drop a piece or two of cheese.


The JR said…
of course you accidentally drop that sweet girl some cheese :)
Oh, that hopeful little face!
Linda said…
No use wasting a good occasion for a nap.
Susan said…
I have three crumb-snatchers milling around my ankles! It's so surprising (NOT) how bits of cheese just leap off the counter!
Yes, I accidentally give Lucy and Spunky cheese when making sandwiches for lunch too. David says I spoil them too much but I've noticed him giving her some sausage or cheese too.
She is soo cute :-)

Almost cold here today and it has rained since yesterday evening :-)

have a great day!

1st Man said…
Is her muzzle changing yet? It still seems pretty dark. Gosh she's so adorable!! I just want to smooch her on the forehead (after I eat one of those amazing sandwiches, ha).
the sandwiches look delicious. i'm glad you accidently on purpose drop food for winnie to enjoy.
Theresa said…
Sky cheese is always preferable to say, sky lettuce or sky banana. :-)