Tilting Towards Fall

 It's almost the 4th Of July and we have a heat index of 100 degrees.  I'm more than ready for Fall!  I put some of my Staub pumpkins on my cooktop.

 My little Halloween miniatures are on my kitchen windowsill under my leaded glass window.

 I'm harvesting daily from the garden.

 My Fall pillows are on the loveseat in the garden room.

 The Oakleaf Hydrangeas continue to darken.

 The Sweet Potato vines are touching the path.

 The shishito pepper plants are small but have buds.

 The first eggplant.

 And this is what I grow best!  A lot of homemade food has gone into this puppy already.

 Click for a closer look.  I was taking these just as the sun came up and Winnie was still sleepy.

 And hot already at sunrise. I hate to think about what it will be like at 4:00.  Lots of laying in front of the fan is on today's agenda.

 Blue tongue panting.

Cucumbers grow well vertically in containers.

 My transplanted annuals are perking up.

 Zinnias from seed, continue to bloom.

 An assortment of Clematis.

 Some of my Petunias are still blooming.

 I like planting Sweet Potatoes because they let you know when you need to water.  I'm sure these will be shriveling by this afternoon.

 At least I have the pool, though no one has been in it yet this year.

 Though it is killer hot, the garden looks cool.

But nothing like a cool stone floor and a blowing fan to keep this fluff ball comfortable. 


Laura said…
You have such a beautiful garden! I'd be in that pool all the time!!
Have a great weekend.

ps...hugs to Winnie.
Autumn IS coming, Joyce -- hang in there!
Poor Winnie. She's wishing for snow time and you're wishing for autumn. Awesome garden and beautiful flowers. I would be in that poor all day long with that heat.
Normally summer would just have started here so no thoughts of autumn yet :-)
It is so cool here today that I only have had to water once and I doubt I'll have to do it any more today, well the heat will return to us as well so I'll enjoy this for as long as it stays :-)

Have a great day!

There are 2 times of the year Autumn and waiting for Autumn.
Mary Ann said…
I am "tilting towards Fall", too.... I just wondered aloud yesterday when we would see the first pumpkins on display... I say August 1st... but maybe that's a little too early.

Miserably hot here in Northeast Kansas, you are not alone!
Guillaume said…
In the mood for autumn and Halloween as well. I started thinking about all the scary stories I will read.

And great pictures as usual.