Winnie Just Doesn't get Enough Attention

 The morning hug.

 Click to enlarge.  It's a bit blurry but The Blog Tech gets a big blue tongue kiss.

 Happiness all around.

The little Polish puppy.  She had just come back from a walk in the rain and was soaked and my daughter was drying her off.


Anonymous said…
yes,,, that little polish puppy is really quite starved for attention,, down right neglected, NOT !!!!! lol !!!!! ;)
Nice babushka, Winnie!
Valerie said…
She's so affectionate!
Awww, another babushka baby. So cute!
I wrap a little baby blanket around Lucy's head and say she's my babushka baby. She loves it.
Rain said…
I thought like Debra, babushka! :) She's adorable...I hope she gets a brother soon! :)
Yes Winnie really doesn't get attention enough :-) :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Sweet little thing.
Linda said…
I especially love the way she turns her head into him and closes her eyes, like, "at last...." You would think it had been days since she had contact.
so sweet. winnie is perfect.
The JR said…
blue tongue kiss by Winnie is the best color