Winnie Poses

 My daughter called me to task for not posting pics of Winnie for the last couple days.

 I asked Winnie to pose and she cooperated.

 Opening her bag of treats helped considerably.

 Chewing on a treat.

And another chow chow raspberry when the treat bag was closed.


Dee said…
She looks like she is smiling.
Theresa said…
Winnie is way too cute. Love the last pic. Must have been some very good treats!
a prettier face is nowhere in sight.
Rain said…
Hee the raspberry! She has a gorgeous smile :)
MaryO said…
Well, Winnie IS the star of the blog. And when she's all over Blog Tech- that's another face. So sweet! Love the Winnie faces!🐶🐶🐶💕💕