The hotter it gets, the more time Winnie stays indoors.

 I can tell that she is really bored.

 Several times a day, I take her outside and give her a bone.

 This entertains her for a while.

 This puppy knows how to work a bone!

 Gnaw Gnaw Gnaw.

 She is honing those mighty, white choppers.

"Time to turn my fan back on, mama."
 On another note, the perennials are growing.

 The Foxgloves are starting to bloom.

Another jungle is forming.
 Look at the size of this Japanese Maple.

And a lawn full of weeds.  No one in the city uses lawn care.  I won't use chemicals because of Winnie.  So, I embrace the weeds.  Another horrible hot day today.  It will feel like it's over 100 degrees.  When I got in my car yesterday afternoon the car temperature was 106 degrees.  I mean, really?  No global warming?  Mr. Tangerine Man is an idiot but then I guess I didn't need to point that out.


Linda said…
I like what you do with containers.
The JR said…
I hand pull all the weeds from our garden. Of course, it's pull....wait till more come in, and repeat the cycle.

That is the only way that I have gotten rid of some kind of horrible invasive thorny thing that has a million seeds on it.

Everything is looking wonderful. Winnie you are a sweet little girl.
This heat is not good for man nor beast. Your gardens look beautiful. We also don’t put any chemicals on our lawn that will hurt the animals we have or those who pass through
Beautiful garden. When the foxgloves bloom would you take a picture? Please. I just love them.
It is really hot here but nothing compared to how hot You have it, I really feel sorry for You!
Your garden look just as beautiful as it always does :-)

have a great day despite the heat!

Guillaume said…
Somebody likes bones.
Karen Ann said…
The Orange Scream is more than just an idiot. Ugh.

Your gardens are just beautiful... as is Winnie...

ninergirl04 said…
Your Winnie is adorable and your gardens are so serene and peaceful. I'm sure you're aware but just hoping those aren't cooked bones that you're giving her which are very dangerous to give a dog -- fear of splintering and causing a perforation of the intestine. Our friends lost a dear dog that way. Wishing you, Winnie and your family a happy 4th!
Kelly said…
I’m sorry y’all are having such a heatwave. Yes unfortunately global warming is real. The glaciers are melting at an alarming rate here. It’s alarming. I made your New Orleans Red Beans And Rice this week. Still one of my favorites. Glad y’all are all well.