It's fun to look back and compare Winnie to Willie at his current age.

These two picks were within days of us getting them.  They are the same age in these pics (9 weeks).

Remember how Winnie loved sliding under my glass coffee table?

Willie just likes to chew on it.

 Cute little chow chow repose'.

 Chow Chow #2 repose'.

 An early Winnie closeup.

An early Willie one.  Winnie's ears stood up early for a chow.  Willie's are still droopy.

And for all of you Winnie fans that used to say: it won't be long before she doesn't fit in that bed any longer.

She says:  pfft...I am still a little girl!


Anonymous said…
oh my gosh be still my heart,, I have serious Chow envy!!!
great comparisons. both are too cute for words.
The JR said…
hahaha, she only wants the bed to keep him out of it ;)

happy weekend
Linda said…
The photo comparisons make it easy to see the differences.
They are actually more different than I thought they would be. Both insanely cute though :-)

Have a great day!

Heritage Hall said…
What's yours in mine and what's mine is my own....always. so
that bed attests.... They are so darling, but Winnie still wrings
my heart with her attitude....
They are just soooo cute!! Is Winnie sharing her toys? Just wondering because Spunky wouldn't share his toys with Lucy or Pebbles. Dogs are nothing but little children wearing furry onesies and having a speech problem.
Susan said…
So similar, yet so different - It will be so much fun when Winnie decides he's okay and they start playing.