Getting To Know You

 Willie's eyes still are not clear.  I actually started him on antibiotics yesterday.  No one can figure out what's wrong.  The vet said his eyes. themselves, are perfectly fine.  He still has a discharge from them though.  The vet suggested allergies or bacterial conjunctivitis.  I gave him Benadryl for a couple days which helped a bit but then yesterday they were awful.  That's when I started the antibiotics.  The breeder said that if he has something that calls for antibiotics, then Winnie and all of her puppies from Willie's litter should have the same thing. I'll wait a couple days and then back to the vet we go.  If you click on this you can see his eyes better.

 This is how the W's are spending the hot afternoons.

 Winnie mostly lays like this so she can keep an eye on this new intruder.

 Meanwhile, Willie is teething and chewing on everything.  It seems my glass table is a fave!

 And Winnie, in her subtle way, is reclaiming everything that was once hers whether she liked it or not.  Remember when this bed was a perfect size?  Like Goldilocks, she is testing the waters.

 She saw Willie chewing on one of her discarded bones and then walked around the house gathering every single one of them.  She laid on her old bed (recently claimed by Willie) and chewed on one of those bones right in front of him.  I wonder if he is getting the message?


Anonymous said…
oh my gosh,, just like kids,, sorry about the eye problem,, any of the other pups from the litter with the problem?
Linda said…
That is so cute of her to claim her things in front of him.
There's nothing like sibling rivalry :-) :-)

I do hope what ever is wrong with Willie is cured fast!

Have a great day!

The JR said…
they are both cute stinkers
Vivian Swift said…
The cuteness is unbearable. Please stop before my heart explodes.
I hope Willie's eyes clear up soon!
MaryO said…
Little brothers RARELY take the hint. So funny! I also noticed Willie is often looking at Winnie's back or fluffy butt. :-)

I hope Willie's eyes clear up soon.

You should get Willie a plastic teething ring. I had to get one for Spunky. Bostons can be terrible teethers.
Guillaume said…
Hope they learn to appreciate each other.
It’s all about territory but soon they will share and become best buds.
winnie has a sense of humor gathering all her bones like that. poor willie can only watch.
ninergirl04 said…
Has the vet ruled out entropion (ingrown eyelid)? It's a common genetic defect in the Chow Chow breed. I hope it's not that as it would require surgery to correct. Keep us posted on your cute boy and Winnie.