Killer Hot and Hazy

 Is it hot where you live?  It's been almost 80 degrees at sunrise and we have heat indexes over 100.  Poor Winnie can hardly leave the house.

 At least the kids stop by to visit her and break up the monotony.

 That's Winnie down at the gate looking for someone to pet her.  You can see how hazy it is out there.

 Panting and laying on the semi-cool bricks.  Well, cool compared to anything else but not really cool at all.

 The heat makes her sleepy.

 "Where is my snow, mama?"

 The Clematis are blooming in the shade.

Winnie is looking for Fall.


The JR said…
The picture with her mouth open looks like she's fussing :)
Anonymous said…
poor Winnie,,
Linda said…
I would hate to be wearing a fur coat as I suffocate wearing a light nightgown in the ac. Saturday, it was 94F with 81% humidity and 115 F heat index. Maybe Winnie will get snow soon.
Susan said…
I'm with Winnie. Where's my Fall? It has been brutal here, as well. Everyone is suffering. I have two wading pools for the sheep and llama, a pool for the ducks and keep ice chips in the chicken waterer. Enough!
Stay as cool as you can!
I think everyone is looking for fall at this point. August has yet to get here and it will be just as hot if not hotter I went outside last night at 11 pm to sit for a while and it was still in the high 90's. What was I thinking?
Poor Winnie!
We had just a warm day today but tomorrow will be hot again.

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
Yes, it's a heatwave here too. The horror, the horror.
Theresa said…
Really could we just skip all that summer stuff and go right to late fall and early winter?
Poor Winnie, she really does have such a dense heavy coat. Maybe her own dedicated fan?
Joane said…
Yeah, it's pretty hot here in Las Vegas. It's going to be 111 tomorrow. July and August run anywhere from 100-110 on average. But, it's dry, about 9% humidity. My chihuahua loves it. He'll go out when it's 105 for a few minutes to sun himself, then come back in. My Bichon, not so much. He looks for the shade anywhere outside. You get used to it....