The Big Day

 Winnie still tries to sit on The Blog Tech's lap every morning. 

 She can't figure out why his lap is shrinking.  There used to be so much more room.

 I might just regret growing this Black Eyed Susan vine through my birdcage.  But for now it looks really cool.

 The Foxgloves are beginning to bloom and my Zinnia's are all about to open.

 'Santa' grape tomatoes.

 I turned the hose on to water and didn't realize the spray nozzle  was not on it.  It coiled like a snake and sprayed water everywhere and scared the bejesus out of Winnie.

 My first eggplant.

 My celery is growing so well and I have started using it.  Nothing quite like homegrown celery.

 My one weird little zucchini.

 The first shishito  pepper.  I hope I get a lot of these.

 Today is the big day.  Willie is coming home.  His eyes look good and it's time to pry him out of the arms of my daughter.  I'll be like Trump at the border.

 Time for Willie to learn all about his new home.

I hope he likes it!


Anonymous said…
how could he not!!
Linda said…
The hose would have scared me, too. Your yard always looks so pretty. It will be interesting to see the interaction between W and W. I wonder how the will share the shrinking lap.
Susan said…
Of course he will love it! I'd like to see the Blog Tech try to get both those fuzzy characters in his lap... Your gardens look gorgeous!
The JR said…
the garden is looking wonderful
he'll love it and be spoiled in the blink of an eye
So much for him to take in. He's surely going to tucker himself out. Beautiful garden.
Your garden looks great as always! and I'm pretty sure Willie will love his new home :-)

My tomato plants finally have flowers and I can see some buds on the bell pepper plants too :-)

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
How I wish I had such garden. Mine is more like a savanna. A small savanna.
1st Man said…
The gardens are stunning. I feel like I could just go on a tour and roam around for hours. I can't WAIT to see Winnie and Willie together!!! It will be cuteness overload. In case I missed it, are they related in any way? Cousins? Granddogs? Same mom different dad?

Trump at the border......that made me laugh (and in these times we need to laugh when we can).
fingers crossed all goes well bringing willie home.