The Blog Tech and His Puppies

 It doesn't take long for these puppies to learn.  Willie already knows how exciting it is when The Blog Tech comes to visit.

All I have to do is mention his name and the pups come running.

 Willie pushes his way to the front of the line.

 Winnie is disappointed, this is her Blog Tech after all.

 Willie doesn't care, he has claimed The blog Tech as his own.

 It was love at first sight.

 But The Blog Tech doesn't have favorites.  He points this out to Winnie.

 All is forgiven and she returns.

Winnie says this is why peoples have two hands; so they can pet both of their chow chows at the same time!


Heidi O'Brien said…
The Blog Tech is such a sweetie! And the Ws are SO adorable!
Susan said…
I was wondering how this was going to work out - a happy ending! My god that Willie is a cute character. Glad to see that the two of them are getting along.
Awww. Poor Winnie. She looks so sad at first. She will find a way to push Willie to the end of the line next time.
Guillaume said…
He's a pup magnet.
StrictlyMystic said…
The Blog Tech knows you don't divide love, you multiply it.
how sweet is that.
This thing was actually the only one I believed could go wrong but the Blog tech handled it just perfect :-)

Have a great day!