Willie is Figuring Out The Lay of the Land

 It is super hot here again and the pups spent a lot of the day just laying in the garden room with the fan blowing on them. I sat here for most of the day keeping an eye on them.  I am going to have to go back to my regular routine and just keep my ears on them or I'm going to lose my mind.  I feel like a freaking new mother and I am bored to death.  I was never meant to sit this still.  Plus I read news on my laptop all day and now I just want to kill myself.

 Who sleeps like this?  Well, actually I sort of do.  I'm a back sleeper.  I do not fall to sleep this fast and  also not as cute when I do it.

 I mean really...look at this face. Harrumph!

 I taught Willie to go down the stairs this morning.  I put tiny pieces of treats on each step and he stepped right down eating as he went.  He spent the rest of the time he was out of his kennel today going up and down the steps looking for more treats.

 What a funny look.  He can't figure the camera out.  he is like....'Hmmmm...what is this strange thing stuck to my mama's face?'

Can anyone guess which one is not the stuffed animal?  The W's did pretty good today and only had one episode of the puppy crazies.  I just think Willie will be a kennel puppy for quite sometime.  He comes out of the kennel for 2 long walks each day and many play times.  He was in a kennel at the breeder's since he left the whelping pen so he is used to it.  I don't see it as a hardship at this point.  And Winnie never lets him out of her sight unless she is off walking.  Thus the saga continues.


The JR said…
when he grows into that head and his paws, he is going to huge

such a cute puppy
Enjoy the pups and stay away from the news. Other than the story of the rescue of the boys in Thailand, the breaking news is stomach wrenching and soul killing.
Dee said…
He is a very cute guy!
So far, so good! And stop reading the news!
Anonymous said…
it is hard to tell which is the stuffed toys and which is Willie! Ya, do like Debra says,, stop reading the news,,
Susan said…
Oh, god, yes. No news! Remember your blood pressure! Besides, dogs are so much more fun to watch. I think you can carry one and just keep an ear tuned in. They will be chums in no time.
Rain said…
I agree, stop reading the news!!! I haven't opened any news sites or papers in YEARS...except TMZ for the Hollywood gossip which somehow gives me a thrill where I can validate that my life is good lol...the dub-ya's will soon be besties and you'll have a bit of a break! Every time Alex and I adopted a new one, we would say "WHY did we do this???" then a little while later when things settled, we wondered why we didn't do it sooner! :) xx
Oh my! Such cuties. You do have your hands full, mommy.
no news is good news. wllie is adorable walking up and down the stairs looking for treats.