Willie is Settling In

Remember how much Winnie liked laying under my glass coffee table?

 Well, Willie likes the top of the table.

He just strolled into the TV room yesterday and hopped right on top.
'Hey mama, I can walk on water!'

 I can sleep on it too.

 Willie has one of Winnie's old harnesses on because his got wet.  He didn't seem to mind wearing pink one bit.  We don't care if boys wear pink around here.

 He kept getting more and more comfortable on the table.  Though my house is air conditioned, it's an old house and not as cool as it should be for the puppies.  The glass table is very cool.

 He snoozed here for about an hour.

 I like my new coffee table decoration.

*I'm glad that most of you liked my post from yesterday.  Between the yellow bellied, sycophantic GOP and the 'polite' media that gently scolds Mr. Tangerine Man, I think we need to use our voices to say...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!  I will be posting more political content in the future.  I can't sit back and let that fear monger spout his dictatorial crap and say nothing in response.  And to the people that don't like it....BITE ME!


Valerie said…
There is a line from Yeats' "The Second Coming": "The best lack all conviction and the worst are full of passionate intensity"

The poem was written on the eve of WWII. From the beginning of Trump's campaign in 2016, I have said that his "rallies" are scarily reminiscent of Munich in the 1930s.

We must speak out, all of us. And VOTE.
Linda said…
Has he learned to appreciate fans? It seems no one pushes back when Trump lies!
My Daisy loves sitting on my glass table, especially right after I clean it. Then she discovered “under the table” (with the help of a toy). She seems very happy squeezed under the bottom glass shelf.

We must all speak up or these past 240+ years would have been for naught. The US has a checkered past, but it has constantly moved forward and it’s people, on the most part, have been kind and generous. Now we move backwards with words and action and it is sometimes hard to breath with all the hate in the air.

With all that 45 said in the last week, there was one line that stood out to me even more than what he uttered in Helsinki. Answering questions about immigration, he told people in the U.K. and Europe that letting in immigrants (meaning darker color) would destroy their culture. The last time words like that where spoken by a leader was by Adolf Hitler.
Susan said…
I'd rather hug you - we cannot sit by and let this complete idiot continue to ruin the country. We cannot. I am hoping that there are saner, more intelligent and more compassionate leaders in the wings.

How in the world can you stand all that cuteness?
I laughed when I saw Willie on the table :-) :-) Nova had that habit when she thought I couldn't see her, now days she an old lady and just reach for what ever she think she needs :-)

Have a great day!

Just Ducky said…
What I don't understand is who voted for him?
Such different personalities!
Javanut021 said…
Hello! New here but just want to say how adorable your puppies are! Brings a smile to my face! I bleed blue in a sea of red around me and a huge problem I see is that the people that are tried and true supporters of 45 will never admit that he has so mamy faults. Even when he flat out lies and it is brought up, these people just can’t be swayed. What good has he done for anyone? I feel my children’s generation is going to be a sea of change. They seem as a whole to be much more progressive in their thinking. As for me, I try to avoid the news and read blogs like yours!
funny how willie likes the table top side and winnie prefered it underneath. too cute.
I wish more people would speak up!!! I love your posts and happy we share the same views as well as beliefs.. The new puppy is adorable and of course winnie is gorgeous!!
Mary Ann said…
I try not to comment on politics on my blog or social media, but I am truly afraid for our country right now. The lunatic IS leading the asylum, it seems.

Puppy cuteness is right up my alley.