Though Willie is still camping out at my daughter's house, he is getting better by the day.  My little Chinese puppy in front of a Chinese urn.

 I think he has allergic conjunctivitis which is not contagious.  It's basically just from an overdose of pollen.  My breeder had a huge tree full of pollen cut down just outside of the window that his kennel was sitting under.  She had a window A/C unit in that window and she thinks that pollen got sucked in and landed right on Willie. This happened 2 days before I picked him up.

 He is getting small doses of Bedadryl and his eyes are much better and he is no longer sneezing.

 He and Winnie have been meeting and playing at the local park.

At first Willie was being a bit aggressive and Winnie didn't like that.

But yesterday they met and played and played perfectly.  Willie should be coming home tomorrow.  I will be thoroughly checking him out this afternoon to make sure his symptoms are gone. The big problem will be getting my daughter to let him go!


MaryO said…
What a sweet puppy face. Adorable!
Anonymous said…
she won't want to give him up!!!!
Glad they like each other!
Valerie said…
You are going to be busy, with all that cuteness going on!
Two cuties to contend with. My goodness! What a dream come true.
He is soo cute :-) I'm pretty sure Winnie will put him in his place if he tries to be too tough :-)

Have a great day!

littlemancat said…
He is adorable! Two sweet babies to love.
Guillaume said…
Difficult to babysit a pet: you end up wanting him.
letting him go will be difficult for your daughter, i'm sure. what a cutie.
The JR said…
That is exactly what I was thinking. Also, thinking there may be a 3rd chow puppy around there before long.