Willie's First Trip to a Farm

 Since Willie does not get car sick like Winnie, my daughter and I took him on one of our farm trips.  We headed out to the country in search of all things local.  Willie visited his first farm and immediately peed on it.

 Then he was off to check it out.

 So many smells and so much to look at.

 Where should we go first mama?

 Let's visit the sheep.

 The sheep looked at Willie as if to ask...what strange creature approaches us?

 At first Willie wasn't so sure about what to do.

But he went straight up to them for a closer look.

Woah...what are these things?

 I'm not so sure about them.

 But wait...they seems sort of nice.

I will give them kisses.  And that is just what he did.


Linda said…
I've never seen a night-time post. The sheep and Willie are both cute.
Kisses are a good response!
He has more wool(hair) than the sheep. He is such a happy looking puppy.
All puppies have to sign in when they arrive someplace. It's required and polite.
Valerie said…
such a sweetie! A friend of mine had a dog who got carsick. He gave the dog pepto-bismol (vet-approved). It seemed to help. ymmv
Anonymous said…
he looks like a sheep from the back end lol,, he is growing!
Yes sheep are odd animals :-)

Have a great day!

kisses to the sheep. how sweet.
The JR said…
He's a sweet little boy.