Winnie is Still Here

 Winnie hasn't appeared on the blog recently but she is still here.  We didn't trade her in for Willie;   though maybe she wishes we did.  They have bonded in a weird way.

 She loves him when he is in his kennel. She is not so sure about him when he is out and free.  Both the breeder and the vet say that it is a gradual process that will take time.  I'm getting really tired of being a new mama....I'm too old for this shit!  Bond goddamn it!  They do seem to be getting better by the day, just not fast enough for me.

The problem is that they are both puppies though Winnie is 4X bigger than Willie.  So, even playing together, Winnie can hurt him just by stepping on him.  And believe me, they want to play like two puppies.  Monday is just 2 weeks that Willie has been here and most people have told me it takes at least 3 weeks for them to get the hang of it.

Willie is still killing us with cuteness though.


NanaDiana said…
Gotta love that sibling rivalry! I bet the bonding phase can't come soon enough for you. They are both as cute as cute can be! xo Diana
Anonymous said…
they'll be fine,, you just have new mama jitters lol,, maybe its lack of sleep lol,,oh my gosh they are both beautiful,,
Guillaume said…
I wonder if they are conscious that they are siblings.
i hope the bonding between willie and winnie speeds up for your peace of mind.
It is hard to share love when you have been the only one who has been the recipient of all the attention. It will work out eventually.
They are adorable! Hope they soon get used to eachother :)
chickpea678 said…
They are both gorgeous!