Fall Decorating

 With a very busy Fall in the near future, I had to start decorating.  Okay, I know, I shouldn't use a Fall filled with house guests, Sunday dinners for the family, canning and freezing, festivals, a wicked hot Summer and two very busy puppies as an excuse to start early.  I'm doing it because I just can't help myself, this is my favorite time of year.  As if you didn't know that already.

 I have a fan in almost every room in this house. Even with A/C, these puppies get hot easily.  Their coats are much thicker than Freddy's or Teddy's ever were.  I have to keep them cool.

 I am going to have to get the Wil's a bed soon.  I can't even think about what will happen if he tries to sleep in Winnie's.  Though she loves her little brother and is getting along with him a lot better, she still does not share well.  She literally takes anything he looks at away from him.

 I can't wait for the weather to cool off so I can open these doors and build a fire and let the puppies run in and out of the house.

 I've put a few things out in the kitchen too.  These are some new carvings I bought.

They are done by the same guy that did all of these.  I love this guys work and have collected it for years.  You can see and buy his art here:  http://karl-art.com/


I want cooler autumn weather too!
Linda said…
I am a fan of fall when it gets here. But, I really enjoy hot weather. And, I am having ample opportunity to enjoy the hot weather, but I did not order the humidity. I wonder if Winnie will think it her right to try out Willie's bed.
I'm stuck here on the sofa today. I want autumn to get here now. But it's not in the stars yet. I thank the Goddess I'm near the A/C. ACHH! Your decorating makes me sick! I just love it! I want so much to get my Halloween decorating going too but I can't until I completely heal. *sigh* Oh, I love your Halloween figurines. They are just soooo cute!!
Stormy winds and a much cooler weather here today almost makes it feel like autumn and I must admit that I like it :-) :-)

Dogs rarely share well I'm afraid.

Have a great day!

Susan said…
I love those headless figures - and that ghost! Talented guy. Those pups are going to LOVE fall and winter! Me, too. Well, fall anyway.
Guillaume said…
It was much cooler today and it is cooler still tonight. it felt very autumnal. And lovely pics as usual.
Your home is beautiful! As much as I am disappointed with this summer, I will be very sad when it ends. Fall is usually a four week event here. It starts in November and ends with snow in December. However, I do like the cooler air.
chickpea678 said…
Those carvings are very expressive!
I always decorate now too as fall is my absolute favorite time of the year. Your decorations are beautiful. How lucky to wake up to that scenery everyday!!! Enjoy
Nancy said…
If only we could wave a wand and bring fall with its gorgeous, crisp days and magnificent colors! I am not a fan of summer at all -probably the only one in my entire apartment building. I can only imagine how uncomfortable the sweet pups must be. When we got central air, my Beagles would lay on the vents - leaving me to wonder why I was so warm! I will just keep enjoying your great fall decorating and hope it comes early!