The W's

 Look at this little guy! (click to enlarge) He is 3-1/2 months old and has been Winnie's sidekick for 6 weeks.  He got his last shots yesterday and he weighs 28 pounds.  His eyes are better and the hair is growing back.  He gets spayed in the middle of October.  He is as friendly as can be and he loves Winnie. He loves to eat!  He dances on his back legs when he sees his food bowl.

 And Winnie, my little girl.  She still has a black schnozzle but not for much longer.  At almost eleven  months, she is full grown and weights about 40 pounds. It took a month of constant vigilance but now she never lets Willie out of her sight. She still takes any toy or bone that he looks at away from him but I expect that given time, she might learn to share.

 I've put up more Fall and Halloween outside.

 I need some sunflowers and pumpkins.

I can't wait until these guys see their first pumpkins.  They are still trying to figure out their Halloween costumes.  We are in for a fun Fall this year.


All the Halloween stuff will be so new to them!
Precious babies growing up. I so enjoy looking at your pictures of these dogs.
Susan said…
It's so much fun to see the difference in ages - can't wait until Willie has grown into his mane. Winnie is just gorgeous! They are really going to love fall and winter (as will we...)
They are so cute together and I'm so glad they are best friends :-)

Almost autumn weather here today, cool, cloudy and drizzly :-)

Have a great day!

Linda said…
I love all the decorations so far.
Laura said…
I don't know how you get anything done with those 2 fur balls of sweetness around! I would just want to play with them constantly.
two fur balls of happiness to surround yourself with.