It's Here

 It seems that the weather has finally matched the season and we are in for a cool day today...thank the goddess!

I am more than ready for Fall to show her beautiful face.

 I am not going to waste one moment of Autumn.

 I will take The W's for long walks in the woods.

 And I will collect leaves and press them to use in my spellbook.

I will stir up wonderful seasonal soups.  

 I will make as many trips to the countryside as I can to buy pumpkins, cider and apples.

 I will take my family to my favorite restaurants in my favorite small towns that celebrate Autumn like I do and make sure that everyone communes with this season.

 I will light fires each night to scent the air with Fall smells.

 I will make my Xmas mincemeat and can my cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving; all smells I associate with this time of year.

 And my most favorite thing is that I will go to sleep and wake up when it is still dark.  I love being outside in the wee hours of morning when it is dark and still.

All of this makes me feel like a kid again. It rejuvenates me.

It's the time of year when magic is tangible.


What delightfully spooky and witchy memes! I want to steal them all but will exercise restraint and only swipe the first one. I hope you have a long and glorious autumn!
jaz@octoberfarm said… yourself and steal away!!!
Mary said…
Wonderful spooky images! I too love the feel and scents of fall. I have my windows open and can hear the rustling drying leaves still on the trees. Shopping for mums today.
bobbie said…
Happy Autumnal Equinox!!!
Unknown said…
I absolutely love your blog.
You have the most delightful material.
Your food always looks beyond delicious.
Your pups aRe adorable.
Your house is my dream house.
Your trump material is a scream (though painfully truthful and when you realize it's real life makes you want to cry)
I wish you would turn out to be my long lost sister. Or just adopt me.
It's finally here!!! Yes, autumn is finally here. I'm so happy. I stayed up late last night and lit a small bonfire in my fire pit to commemorate it's beginning. Wouldn't you know it started to rain? David asked me if I was out late last night. He said one of the neighbors said they went blind around midnight. Then he said I told you to stop dancing nekked around that firepit.
Rest up darlin, the fun is just beginning.
Sounds like a great plan for autumn :-)

Have a great day!

Linda said…
It is sunny and 92 F. But, this post with the spooky, gray pictures slammed me right into Fall. I absolutely love these pictures. But, I am sweaty even under the ac.
Guillaume said…
I absolutely adore that post. It’s very much autumn here. I’m so very glad about it.
Jeannine520 said…
I feel like a kid again in fall, also. There's something about it that brings back that giddy anticipation that I associate with being a kid where anything is possible. Our weather here in CA isn't cooperating, mid 80's for the whole week but I couldn't help it, I bought pumpkins anyway. I put them on the porch but I'm only getting started,
i like the notion that this time of year is when 'magic is tangible'.
Karin Vail said…
Do you happen to be a red-head? It seems that most people I meet that love the beginning of fall/winter are red-heads and aren't bothered by the shorter days (like myself). My husband is VERY much bothered by the shorter days and his mood definitely is affected (this is the time of year I start him on Vitamin D every day!) I am a red-head - and I hear red-heads make their own vitamin D. Not sure how true that is, but the weather doesn't affect my mood like it does others....