Puppy Pics

My dog broke.
These two wait at the top of the steps each morning waiting for Ziggy to visit.

Ziggy likes the decorations.

Wille is a Fall puppy too.

Willie is always looking for something to eat. He nap/watches as I cook.

Home from the groomer.

Fluffy for at least one day.

Little Walter Matthau.

I'm just sayin'.

Dinner time.

And yesterday was Winnie's birthday.  She was born one year ago on September 18th!  Happy birthday Win Win!!!  She got a small ice cream cone.  You can see the remnants on her chin.


Happy birthday, Winnie! A whole year old!
Anonymous said…
Your house is doggy heaven!
The babies grow so quickly. Happy Birthday, Beautiful Winnie.
Valerie said…
I love seeing your pups!
Rain said…
Happy Birthday little Winnie!!! OMG...a year old??? Already??? Crazy how time flies. That photo of the two of them on the stairs is precious...that's how I always imagined they'd be, I'm so glad you got over the rough period! Ziggy is so cute...and ha ha ha about Walter Matthau!!!
Leanna said…
I take it little Walter Matthau is over his problem? They always look so cute and fluffy for one day. Then it's how messy can I look afterward, like a competition. I do the same thing with Lucy and Spunky on their birthdays. They love ice cream from Dairy Queen and going for the ride to get it makes it all that more special.
Susan said…
They look like miniature lions! Looks like everyone is settling in, making a lovely little family.
Guillaume said…
Love them all, especially the Ziggy one.
how sweet they both look for ziggy. Happy Birthday to Winnie and many more.
Kay said…
My granddaughter would absolutely fall in love with Winnie. What a gorgeous dog.
Unknown said…
Happy belated bday Winnie!!! I love your home and all the fall decor. It is truly beautiful. I wake up everyday to your posts and look forward to them. Thank you for sharing your life.