The First Day of Fall Festival

My daughter and I went to one of our favorite festivals yesterday.  It was a crisp, cloudy Fall day which made for perfect festival weather.

 We went straight to my favorite booth that sells all things felted. My daughter bought one of the gnomes.

 I came home with a great witch which I will show you later.

Felted pumpkins.

 You can get your silhouette done here.

This booth will make you a family tree.

 Pony rides.


 This gentleman plays crystal glasses.

 Chocolate and caramel covered apples.

 Glass pumpkins.

 Textile art.

 Painted gourds.

 And, of course, kettle corn.

 More felted toys and ornaments. (click for a closer look at any pic.)

 This is a new vendor and now my favorite one.

 The menu.  We got the bread with molasses butter and shaved Virginia ham.  OMG!  My new obsession is this combo and who knew about molasses butter???  I will be recreating this soon.  I bought one of the cookies to try and it was packed in a paper sleeve.  I did not realize the side of the sleeve was open and as we were walking away I realized my sleeve was empty.

Damn....I lost my cookie and someone stepped on it.




 This booth was selling pretty leaded glass stars.

 Black cat gourds.

 This woman does excellent work.

 Buggy rides.

 Some of the vendors camp out for the weekend in pup tents.


 A guy bbehind us in line said he only comes to this event to get a sausage sandwich....they are that good.

 More food.

 There is a whole area that sells perennials.

And just in case you want to dress the part, you can buy your bonnets and britches here.


Linda said…
In the South mixing butter and maple syrup is a thing. Great festival. I don't think we have as many as you do.
Anonymous said…
This is my favorite of all you've gone to!
I've never heard of molasses butter before but I found recipes on how to do it on the net, seems to be an old thing but not especially well known.

Lots of fun things to look at and buy at that festival. My eyes did of course catch the candy :-) :-) but also those black car gourds, they look amazing!

Have a great day!

Writch said…
That looks like so much fun! I should head out to a fall festival in my area too, granted that there is one around here.

my husband and I had a feast yesterday instead, which included those pumpkin rosemary rolls you posted the recipe for a while back. They are always delicious!
This is sooo cool. I love the way everyone dresses up in period outfits. We will be having Trade Days very soon this month. It usually kicks off the fall season for us with concerts, trade days, pecan fest, wurst fest, pumpkin fest and the county fair. Goddess only knows what's next.
Guillaume said…
Oh I wish we have had something like this here, especially since the equinox was absolutely glorious! I love the pictures by the way.
what a delightful festival. darn it you lost your cookie.
chickpea678 said…
I love the snarling fanged wolf. This festival looks incredible!