A Tragic Day

 This is not a "dangerous" black man.  This is not a "scary" Middle Easterner.  This is not a "Mexican that rapes".  This is your white middle aged American man who is a terrifying bigot.  He murdered 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue yesterday morning.  A Saturday morning during a Jewish brit (baby naming ceremony).

 This is Trumps America.  He has unleashed the hounds.

 His response, If there had been armed guards this would not have happened. 
 Did no one tell him that 4 armed police were shot including SWAT members?

 The shooter ran into the synagogue screaming: "all Jews must die". He posted that he hates Trump because he hasn't done enough to get rid of the kikes. America 2018....amazing.

Reep what you sow Trump. 


Theresa said…
Actually, it's been a tragic week and a good case could be made for a tragic, awful almost 2 years.
This is what happens when racists and anti-semites feel emboldened and socially supported by seeing haters elevated and applauded in a society.
Mary said…
I listened to Mark Hatfield leader of HIAS, who reminded us that we must call people ( mentioned that crazy Uncle at Thanksgiving) out when they say racist and hateful things. So many time we just let it go when it is a friend or relative. We cannot' last it go" we must say hey don't talk like that. I can still remember the time my Mother snapped at my father when his said something ( it was ever so mild as I recall) about a certain county. Her response was swift and effective, we cannot "let it go!
bobbie said…
Ditto what Theresa said!
Leanna said…
It seems to be getting worse as long as the Mango Mussolini stays in office. We must call out the haters and the racists let them know we will not stand for their stupidity. It must end.
Guillaume said…
Mango Mussolini, that sounds right like Trump. I always hesitate between John Iselin or Buzz Windrip to find the literary equivalent.
Mystica said…
I was watching CNN when the story initially broke and it was heart rending. I definitely agree that by omission or commission when leaders support violence of any kind the masses especially the hysterical ones follow. We have an identical situation in my country. Mob rule.
The United States of guns and violence.
It is so important that You Americans votes every time!