An Apple Butter Stirring Festival

  We gave the W's carsickness pills and took them to an apple butter festival yesterday.  They didn't puke and they had a lot of fun.

 It was a crisp, sunny Fall day.

 The puppies were very excited to explore.

 The village was decorated to the hilt.

 The smell from soup, cooking in a big cauldron, filled the air.

 Amish gourd children for sale.

 I think every single person at the festival petted the pups.  They were in heaven.

 The village is filled with historic homes.

 Everyone was familiar with chow chows and were delighted to greet them.

What's cuter than coming out of a shop to see these guys waiting for you?!  (Click for a closer look.)

 Lots of cute stores in old brick buildings.

 You can get your pic taken sitting by Bessy.

 I don't even know?

 A cauldron of apple butter bubbling away.

 Some of the shops decorated for Halloween too.

 Winnie and Willie were so excited to be there.

 A potter setting up his wheel.

 The festival took place on the village's main street.

 "I'm hungry mama." Willie is always hungry.  They ate a bag of dog treats.

 Wooden toys.

 I told the trapper not to get any ideas when he saw the chows. I also told the W's that this is what happens if they don't behave.

 Local honey and bees.

 This is a canal town and you can take a tour on a canal boat.

 Sausage sandwiches for sale.  The puppies were very interested.

 Spinning and weaving.

 A pumpkin chef.

 A flower pot lady.

 Lake Erie perch sandwiches!  We all love perch.

 "I would like to try perch, mama!"  And they both did.  They split a perch sandwich.

 This was part of the Underground Railroad.

 It was a wonderful drive through the beautiful countryside.  Click to enlarge this and see the pumpkins placed on each fence post.  We thought it was so cute.  You never know what you will see on these drives.

My daughter bought me this sign.


Guillaume said…
I wish there was a festival like this where we are.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe how willie has caught up to Winnie, growing so fast, that was a beautiful spot to visit and a lovely gift from your daughter
That hotdog statue is positively lewd, LOL!
Rain said…
Those dubya's are adorable! Who wouldn't want to pet them and kiss them??? :) I'm so happy they are inseparable now! What fun going out to that town, I LOVE that big cauldron! And the hot dog guy? That's something for a horror film lol...
Sorry, I'm trying to catch up on the blogs.I would have loved to have gone to that festival. It looked like fun. It's obvious that the puppies had fun getting all the attention cute little puppies should get. BTW, what was with that hot dog statue? Please tell me that thing was not for sale. Only someone weird would buy it.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
that hot dog thing was on display in a store and it's deeply disturbing.
Joy said…
What a cute festival! I wondered how much new fall decor you would get from a place like this. ;)
Leanne said…
My father was born in Cambridge and my grandparents are buried there. I was born in Columbus. Thank you for sharing some good ol' Ohio autumn festival photos. I hit up Dresden and Coshocton as often as I can when visiting from the SW desert.
Your pups are adorable!