My Fall Patio

My patio is at it's best this time of year.
 The huge Amish mums are open.

 Mini pumpkins line my potting table.  I notice one is missing and I know exactly which puppy snatched it.  I'm not naming the bloodhound's name but he belongs to a certain Blog Tech that I know.

 I love this pumpkin's Creeping Jenny skirt.

 I'm still picking peppers. 

 My poblanos produced magnificently this year.

 The Zinnia's are winding down.

 Geraniums and pumpkins, one of my favorite combinations.

 Two more pumpkins...I am very partial to the one with legs.

 My blow molds are on a timer so they greet me shining when I wake up in the middle of the night.

 Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere.

 A truck full of gourds.

I try to buy at least one of every variety of pumpkin I can find.

 The leaves are really starting to fall.

The Sweet Potato vines will grow until the first frost which could be next week.  It's hard to imagine that happening when we still have almost 90 degree days.

Winnie matches the rust colored mums.  The pups love their patio and when it cools off this weekend, that is where they will spend their days instead of laying in front of the fans. We all can't wait!


You are the Pumpkin Queen!
Linda said…
Your Fall patio is amazing.
Cindi Sinkula said…
I love all your pumpkins and mums. I firmly believe there is no such thing as too many pumpkins 🎃
Debra is right, you are the pumpkin queen. That fuzzy little pumpkin is a cutie pie.
Joy said…
What a lovely space, Joyce! I don't think I could even find that many varieties of pumpkins here. Very few greenhouses even sell mums! 😓
Guillaume said…
Absolutely gorgeous.
1st Man said…
Stunning, just stunning!!
beautiful patio, glad to find your blog