The W's

Happy Winnie.

Mr. Grumpy...Willie.  I swear he is happy, he just doesn't show it. He wears his smile on the inside.

Remember how Winnie used to like crawling under my glass table to sleep?  This is as far as she can get now.  They grow so fast.

 A little less grumpy here, I think he has such a cute face.

 Best buds.

They rarely leave each others side.

I'm still making pretzels and they sure are good.  This has become everyone's favorite lunch around here, salted radishes, assorted cheeses, red onion and Black Forest ham.  This is exactly what we always eat in Germany when we are there. 


Anonymous said…
Willie and Winnie are beautiful, it’s seems just yesterday you were introducing them , wondering if they ever would be friends and now they are such close pals, Those pretzels do look good!
NanaDiana said…
Love the two W's. They are just adorable together. I have never tried homemade pretzels but they sure sound good!
Have a great weekend. xo Diana
Guillaume said…
This is so sweet.
Had a good laugh at Winnie and the glass coffee table -- but she still tries!
Awww. That little orange bow in Winnie's hair. Cute as a bugs ear, both of them.
It technically is still Oktoberfest in everyone's heart.
They sure are cute!

Have a great day!

Mary said…
I think it's Willie's eyebrows, he always look like he is scowling! Still cute.
Linda said…
Winnie still trying to get herself under the coffee table is so cute. She remembers her babyhood habits.
Alicia Foodycat said…
I saw a chow chow being walked the other day - older than yours I think. Such lovely dogs!
Rain said…
I love the W's!! They are adorable, and I'm a sucker for a grumpy face! :) Your lunch looks delicious! Hope you're doing well Joyce!!! I'm in the spirit of the season! :)
winnie and willie are so sweet. i'm glad they became such great pals. too cute for words. pretzel looks yummy.