Thanksgiving Prep Continues

 I'm designing an interesting centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table this year and I will show it when it is done.  These watermelon pickles are part of it!  Whenever we are in Gettysburg, we always eat at The Farnsworth House.  They serve these watermelon pickles along with their bread.  I've always wanted to make them and I finally got around to it.  WOW is all I can say.  They are fantastic. Just a small piece is a flavor explosion.

 Some desserts are best made ahead so the flavors can develop.  I made these walnut maple bars for the dessert buffet.

 I also made these gingerbread squares. I duplicated this recipe from a bakery In Salem.  This year's Thanksgiving theme is Early American. I am making some recipes that would have been found on Early American tables.  Corn pudding will be one of them. These gingerbread squares are typical of an old New England treat.

 These are my place setting favors.

 Each little 'Nantucket' basket is stuffed with chocolates from Salem then wrapped in toile and topped with a velvet pumpkin.

 One  will be placed on each guests plate.  More to come as I check things off my list.


Anonymous said…
Oh Joyce it looks beautiful, those baskets with the pumpkins, I love it!
Those cute little place setting baskets are the bomb. Where did you get them? They are just darling. You are amazing!
Mary said…
Adorable baskets, love the little pumpkins.
I must admit that I've never even thought one could pickle water melon but then again we pickle cucumbers so why not :-) Sounds interesting!

Have a great day!

Rain said…
I love the place settings!!! Very nice! The watermelon pickles look really yummy! :)
Guillaume said…
I envy your commitment.
love the place settings. they're beautiful.