Winifred and Wilford

 Yesterday, we had a dry day with temps in the upper 50's.  The pups played outside all afternoon.  It always starts like this....a stare down.

 Winnie is always watching for an attack from the rear.

Wils rounds the table in a full on charge.

Winnie stands her ground.

 It's all a blur of fur.

 There are more minor standoffs.

 Willie is big enough now that he holds his own.

 As in any great pugilistic encounter, a lot of face making takes place.

 And a lot of jawing too.

 Occasionally I need to interrupt to explain the Queensberry Rules.

 Willie presents a new challenge.

 But then he runs off as if in defeat.

 Only to return and start all over again.

 Winnie attacks.

 Willie gives her some mouth.

Peace pursues for the moment.

Until Willie takes another bite.

And this is why I now have two.  Without Willie, Winnie would have spent this wonderful Fall day sleeping.


Mary said…
I see Willie still has the "double poodle leg" so cute.
You just can't have one. Puppies having a grand day of fun and games. It's awesome having them in our lives.
Rain said…
Oh neat the Queensberry Rules!!! Love that! :)) They are so glad they love each other and play together like that! :)
Cottage Tails said…
The two W's sure will keep you busy xx
Guillaume said…
Sweet how their friendship bloomed.
sparring is fun as willie and winnie have discovered. they are steadfast pals to be sure.