Dump Trump


FreeDragon said…
The lettuce problems started because Trump lifted the FDA's water testing requirements. Farmers got to skip a step to save money and we get contaminated food.
bobbie said…
I'm with Debra ~ LOVE the X-ray!!!
Oh, My Goddess! These are all so good. Did you see the fat slob wearing a looooong red tie crossing his arms in the front row of the cathedral yesterday? What a pig.
Soo good,m every one of them!

Vivian Swift said…
If I had been Michelle Obama at President George H W Bush's funeral, I would not have shaken Trump's hand. I would have let him stand there with his tiny mitt hanging in the air and I would have given him the "Hell, no, bitch" look.

I want to tell her, When they go low, you don't shake the asshole's hand.
Guillaume said…
I am seriously worried about the US democracy.