The W's

 Yesterday was grooming day.  Willie goes first in the morning and then Winnie gets dropped off three hours later when Willie gets picked up.  As soon as he comes home, he drinks water for like ten minutes.  He is a very messy drinker. You can see the water all over his face and scarf.  You can also see his poor eye.

 We are going to have to make an appointment with a specialist to examine it.  I dread eye surgery and he can't have it until he is after a year old.

 Mr Grumpy Bear.

 This is as close to a smile as it gets.

 His droopy little ears add to the look.

 Here's Winnie when she came home.  Fluffy pants!

 And her tail!  Le Plume de la Plume.

 Looking for treats.  After three hours of grooming for each one, they deserve some biscuits.

So many monkey faces while they wait.

 Here are a couple Willie pics taken with my phone.

It's always so nice to have clean puppers for a day, or ten minutes!  A lot depends on when they next play with Ziggy, the slobbering bloodhound!


Oh no! Not Ziggy slobber!
Cottage Tails said…
oh yes slobber sure would redo the grooms lol
Leanna said…
OMG! Ziggy slobber. EWWWWWW!
Princess Fluffy Pants and Prince Grumpy Bear. Aahahahahaaahahahaaa!
Guillaume said…
They look adorable.
1st Man said…
My god those are friggin adorable puppers! I just want to squeeze them and kiss them all over. But them I'm like that, ha.
they are too cute for words.