Baking for Valentine's Day

My daughter and I decided to bake more cookies for Valentine's Day.  I think we created a cookie addiction among our friends.  She made these last night and now I feel like I might have to resign from cookie baking.  These are fantastic!

She is going to be a tough act to follow.

 I think cookies should look as irresistible as they are delicious and I think she mastered this idea with these cookies.  Okay, time for me to go and work on my meager little offerings.


Christer. said…
They look like pieces of art!
Almost too beautiful to eat :-)

Have a great day!

Leanna said…
You know, cookies and little cakes and pies are all the rage right now. If you and your daughter were to open a little cookie shop and sell coffee and cookies and the lot, it wouldn't be so bad of an idea.
OMG, what beautiful cookies! Almost too nice to eat! . . . almost.
LEfting said…
Beautiful cookies!! What a talent she has - and she comes by it honestly!
gorgeous cookies. i bet they are delicious. yum. yum.
Your daughter’s cookies are magnificent. I made some lavender cookies yesterday. They are lovely tasting, but very plain looking and cannot compare to these. I did decorate them with a little spritz of fine purple sugar.