Dump Trump

I love when they start eating their own.


At the very least, there should be a law that all presidential candidates MUST disclose their tax returns for the past 5 years.
Susan said…
Yeah, they're nothing but guppies.
Marcia said…
I had to look closer at that last photo. Ann Coulter has given up on Trump? Amazing!
Guillaume said…
His attacks on SNL is nothing short of worrying. First thing a dictator does is suppress mockery of him. I am not saying he is a dictator... yet... but he sure acts like one.
Anonymous said…
People, I don’t have a dog in this fight but ACA was killing me. One thousand dollars a month for health insurance and seven thousand dollar deductible....CRAZY!
On the wall: my kid has been hit by two undocumented people...both had insurance cards, but when our insurance investigated there was no insurance coverage, so we had to pay the deductible. Police do not go after these people, because “well he is illegal, we can’t do anything”
On war: trump is trying to get us out of this Middle East quagmire.
Children in cages at the border: those were taken in 2014...who was president then???

I am just saying let us all argue facts and come together to figure out solutions...we are better than this. If you believe ANY politician is better than Trump, let me know....
Anonymous said…
Anon: I have to go point by point to you.

ACA - Not sure what state you are in, but a) if you really did pay $1000/month with a $7000 ded, you either didn't enter something correctly or your state is one that Republican's didn't allow for the matching funds that would help lower the costs. For example, Texas (where I live) didn't opt in so our ACA rates were higher. It's part of the plan to try to make ACA fail.

The wall won't prevent people having car insurance because it isn't just "illegals" as you call them. I work in the insurance business. Have for more than 20 years. In Texas. It's estimated about 25% of the population here doesn't have current insurance. Hardly a day goes by that we don't get a claim by someone who was hit by someone who's policy lapsed, they were excluded or they just didn't bother to get insurance. In 20 years I have seen three claims by someone here that was an "illegal". The rest are good old law breaking American citizens. The wall is a colossal waste of money that won't stop anything.

The war in the Middle East that was started by a Republican who lied about who was responsible for 9/11 is not anything that Trump wants to end. Hell, they want war in Iran if they could have it. Trump is doing the bidding of Putin, the Saudi royal family and the corporations that have an interest in us being there. Syria troops out? PUTIN wants that. NONE of our military leaders or intelligence leaders want that.

Children in cages were taken in 2014? Um I don't even know where to begin with that. There was never a policy to separate children from parents under Obama. Familes WERE detained but detained TOGETHER. The rare occasion when I child was separated it was because of the belief it was not a true family member or there was evidence of abuse or something else. A simple Google search of factcheck.org or similar non partisan websites shows this to be misleading. There were the thousands of migrant children that arrived ALONE over the course of a few months and they were detained but never in cages or tent cities in the blistering Texas heat. Nothing even close to what is happening now has ever happened at the border under ANY administration.

As for any politician better than Trump? A Democrat. Who can restore some sanity to the insanity of the last two years. I'd say there are probably some good Republicans but they are staying far too silent and fiddling while Rome burns. That makes them complicit. It's the reason the Democrats won the House by the largest margin since the Nixon (ironic) administration mid terms. Before you mention that they didn't win the Senate, this wasn't a Senate year that favored the Dems, though we did flip a couple (and lost the ones in the heavily red states).

Chanting "Lock Her Up" over and over while FIVE campaign Trump members are indicted and/or in jail is just the height of hypocrisy.

Yes, we can do better. And we will in 2020.

Anonymous said…
This is a beginning. Thank you! I like ve n California. Prior to ACA my insurance was Four hundred a month with a two thousand deductible. And that was with a pre existing condition. My congresswomen wouldn't even return my calls. That is the truth.

I do not believe that the republicans have the answer...why do you believe that the democrats do???
jaz@octoberfarm said…
um...this just might be me but forget what has happened since the 'i grab them by the pussy' comment. i REALLY don't want a president that not only does this but brags about it. hell, i don't even want to know anyone that would say such things. so, on that alone, i negate everything you say.