The Ohio Countryside

 You know you are in the countryside when car dealerships disappear.

 And you see tractor sales everywhere.

 Excuse the quality of these photos but I took all of them while I was driving.

 My daughter and I drove out to Amish/ Mennonite country to stock up on baking supplies and fresh butter and eggs.  If you enlarge this pic you can see that there is a dog laying on the far left side of the porch.  It was a cinnamon chow chow!

 We quickly turned around and drove back for a closer look and saw two chow chows, one cinnamon and one cream.  We rarely see chows so this was quite a surprise.

 There is not much in this area except for farms.

 Beautiful farms.

 I could live here.  You can always tell if it's an Amish farm because there will be no utility lines or antennas.

 We drove through snow squalls and sun as well.

 I love the bleakness of the countryside in Winter.

 Finally, we arrived at one of our favorite farms. It has a small store where you can buy the best bulk bakery items.  In summer, the Mennonite women that live here will walk out in the field to pick fresh peaches and corn for you.

 You know you are in Amish country when you see the buggy signs along the road.  I can tell by seeing the horse poop along the side of the road.

 My daughter thinks I am crazy but I can't get enough of these winter fields.

 I think they look like they have been carpeted.

 In not too long we will see small green shoots of corn sprouting.

 Knee high by the 4th of July.

For now I will just enjoy the beauty of resting fields.  And wonderfully inexpensive farm fresh eggs.


I'm glad those winter fields soothe your soul!
Christer. said…
We actually don't have much snow left here. From inches on Friday to almost none today :-) Our fields are green though but that's just because they only grow grass for silage. It was a bit too dark when I drove to and from Gothenburg yesterday to say what the fields looked like down there.

Have a great day!

Leanna said…
Oh, I would love to live there. The farmer's markets are so expensive here. That house with the chow chows looks almost like my dream house that I used to pass everyday on my way home from work. The tractor sales vs the car dealerships are the same thing out where I live. We have more John Deer and Kabota tractor dealerships than car dealerships. I think there is one in town (car). Not sure if it closed down it had only used cars. If you want a new car, you have to go to I-35 at New Braunfels on up to San Marcos. I can say the only way to tell if you have a big town is if Olive Garden opens up a place just near the outskirts. Then you know the town is growing. I like our small town.
Cottage Tails said…
I always enjoy your day out photos.
bobbie said…
I think it is beautiful too!
Guillaume said…
Some lovely spooky old houses there.
a ride in the country always lifts your spirits. glad you enjoyed yours.