Willie has a harder time waking up in the morning than Winnie does.  Winnie is like me, she hits the ground running.  Willie, not so much.

 After his morning pee, he needs to relax and plan out his day.

 He has a lot of thinking to do.

 He wonders what time Ziggy will show up to play.

 And most importantly, what shall he eat for breakfast.  The answer is....EVERYTHING!

 Rawrrr....this is actually a yawn.

When the word 'treat' is mentioned, he actually almost opens his eyes.

 The Blog Tech and his visitor were going to a concert on Friday night so I made them a Mediterranean platter to munch on before they left.

 The next morning, I made them breakfast before his guest left to go home.  The stuff on the platter in the front is scrapple.  Neither his guest or his wife had ever had it before and they both loved it.  Scrapple is like a poor man's sausage.  It's made with ground pork but fillers are added such as oatmeal.  It's flavored with the type of seasonings used in breakfast sausage.

 I also made them mush.  Both are Pennsylvania Dutch dishes.  The mush is made with cornmeal and is served with maple syrup.  They loved it too.

 The Valentine's Day cookie baking continues.  I made nutterbutters again.  It seems they were the first to fly off the wedding table and no one got enough.  Now they can stuff their faces with them.

I also made a new recipe, orange/walnut blondies.  The baking continues today.


Christer. said…
Willie is so cute looking so tired :-) Nova has started to behave like him, she has no hurry to get up in the morning :-)

Soo many delicious things to eat :-)

Have a great day!

Leanna said…
Puppies and cooking. Both are the bomb!
Lord help me if David ever tastes scrapple. I like it but only in a great while, really.
I've been baking my ass off since it's been so cold outside. I haven't thought of making orange or even lemon blondies. That's an idea. I need to go get some fruit today anyway. I forgot to buy fruit this weekend.
The warm weather is starting back up again here in Texas. Yo-yo weather.
Rain said…
I am usually like you and Winnie...but this morning I felt like Willie for sure! That damn cold weather is getting to me, makes me want to stay in bed all day! Your cookies look so good, and Joyce you are such a great hostess, making all that food for your blog tech and his bud...lovely, I'm sure it was all delicious! Looks great!!! xx
Guillaume said…
Willie is like me: not a morning person. I love a good Mediterranean platter.
i'm like willie when it comes to waking up. he is very thoughtful, isn't he.