Chow Chows and Bloodhounds

This is Charlie, Ziggy's big brother.  He has joined the play group on Friday's. He is waiting for The W's.

 They are waiting for him. (click pics to enlarge)

 Playtime on!
 Winnie starts the chase.

 A Willie take down by Ziggy as Winnie watches.

If you look to the left of Willie, you will see that I threw the slipper into the mix.

 Ziggy hoards the prize.

 Ziggy is asking for someone to steal it away.

 Willie wants his slipper back.

 Mid air pursuit.

The W's never even look at the slipper when the bloodhounds aren't here but when they visit, it's the most coveted toy.

 Time out for a dirty water drink.

 A jumble of puppies.  Look at those bloodhound ears!  Winnie is looking at him like what are those things?!

 Lot's of pups, very little lawn.

Everyone takes a breather.

Until the vicious, ferocious, Willie shows who is the boss.

Or not.  Talk about going belly up!


NanaDiana said…
It is so much fun to watch animals interact, isn't it? These are great pictures and they are all as cute as can be- xo Diana
Leanna said…
AHAHAHahahaahahahahaaaa! Puppies! Who could ever hate watching them play? It's like watching 4-year-olds having fun. Gives me a warm happy feeling.
Christer. said…
so many wonderful dogs :-)

Have a great day!

LEfting said…
How wonderful to see happy, healthy dogs playing!
Susan said…
Willie is completely adorable! I love to watch pups play - you cannot have a bad day while watching them play.