The W's

 The W's took advantage of the last of the snow to have a good romp with The Bloodhounds.  Willie and Ziggy eat each others faces.

 Willie tugs on Charlie's jowl.  Everyone, including people, want to pull on those jowls.

 Winnie flees from Charlie as Willie grabs his leg.

 Ziggy has Winnie's tail as Winnie and Charlie double team Wil's.

 Time out! 

Game back on.  I'm the Howard Cosell of puppies.


Oh no, Joyce, our comb-over is MUCH nicer than Howard Cosell's!
NanaDiana said…
So much fun to watch them!!!
Dogs and the snow go together and it is so much fun watching their joy.
Leanna said…
Howard Cosell of puppies. That was freaking funny. I'm guessing it will be grooming day tomorrow.
Christer. said…
It's wonderful to see them play :-)

Have a great day!

Susan said…
And a roaring good time was had by all!
chickpea678 said…
Whoa—two chips and two bloodhounds on a play date in your backyard??? You’ve got Howard Cosell and Walter Matthau LoL!
chickpea678 said…
Two chows not chips. I just saw something that said helps to think of autocorrect as a tiny elf that lives in your computer trying to help but that it’s very drunk.