Willie's First Spring

 Spring has bitten the puppers.  They can't get enough of the great outdoors.  Doesn't Winnie look like one of those cement driveway lions?

 Ziggy taught her to jump up here.  She is quite proud of her new trick.  Chow Chowa instinctively like to sit in high places.  In ancient China, they were bred as hunters and guard dogs.  They like to sit high in high places where they can survey the grounds around them.  Winnie needs to move up a few more notches but this is a start.

 Willie says, pffftttt!  He is staying inside where the food is.

The only mathmatical equation in this big head is.....Kitchen = food.

 When he finally comes outside he heads for the pond.  He heard there are fish in it.

 He's not sure what this thing called Spring is; his birthday is April 23.  This is his first Spring.

He said he is just going to sit by the pond until he sees some fish.  He said it's Lent.  That means fish.  And it's fish Friday.  How did I get a Catholic puppy?

 Winnie, on the other hand, will just sit and observe.

What a regal girl.

Fish, fish, where are the fish...fried fish, broiled fish, sushi, fish sandwiches.......


You need two side-by-side plinths for the pups to sit on so they can look like Fu Temple Dogs!
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i think they might look more like tragedy and comedy.
Leanna said…
Debra's right. You need two plinths at the steps of your front porch so they can watch the people walk by. It would be so cute.
Christer. said…
They are so cute :-)

Have a great day!

chickpea678 said…
I like the two plinth idea! The doggies are exploring—I love their faces ❤️. Willie’s birthday is one month after our dog’s!