A Pistachio Cake

 My daughter made this wonderful pistachio cake.  I have never liked cake but this was outstanding.  She has turned into a very talented baker.

 I don't think you really want to see my spice cabinet but I took this pic because it took me 2 days to reorganize it and I want to remember what it looks like when it's neat.  I'm promising myself to keep it organized but only time will tell.  I filled an entire black garbage bag with what I threw out.

 I finally got a few things planted too.  I can't wait to have lots of fresh basil and dill.  I winter over my other herbs in my garden room so I have them fresh all year long.

 Lettuce is planted!  I'm ready for a few months of salads.

I have almost all the geraniums planted.  I need more so I am heading back to Amish country this morning.

I bought a dozen Ostrich ferns to plant so I can harvest fiddleheads to eat.  We love fiddleheads and I never find them for sale around here.  So, in a year or two I will have my own.  Off to the country again!  I get the feeling that maybe I should live out there!


OMG that's a beautifully decorated cake!
Karen said…
Would your daughter be kind enough to post the recipe for the cake? I have a bag of nuts I could use. Looks wonderful and could use something different to try. I wouLd love to live wherever you live so that I could take runs to Amish country. I live in the most southern tip of New Jersey so getting to Lancaster Pa. takes about 4 hours. The sad part about tha.t area is that it is getting so commercialized and the Amish are selling their land to build developements. Getting much more commercialized! What is the closest Amish area / town that you get to drive to?
Christer. said…
That is one beautiful cake!

I dare not plant anything outside yet, they have already warned us about a big setback next week so I will have to have everything by the windows for quite some time more.

Have a great day!

Laura said…
The cake is beautiful! I don't like pistachios but that cake sure is tempting! :-)
what a delightfully gorgeous cake. looks beautiful. like your spice rack. perfectly organized indeed.
Guillaume said…
I love pistachio based desserts.
NanaDiana said…
OMGOSH- I love the looks of that cake and what healthy looking plants. Sweet Sunday post!