Easter Dinner To Go

My kids and their friends rented a house in the mountains for Easter weekend.  I made Easter dinner for them to take along.  I made this veggie Easter basket with blue cheese dip as an appetizer.  I lined the basket with lettuce.

I went with a Polish theme and made halushki with bacon.

And pierogies on a bed of sauteed onions.

Grilled kielbasa with horseradish.


Polish mustard for the kielbasa.

I made some pickled red cabbage.

They got some of the pickled beets and eggs that I made a few days ago.

I let my Scottish heritage play a little roll and made them Scotch eggs.

They are so good with fresh Amish eggs.

I made them potato rolls with garlic butter.

My daughter baked chocolate cupcakes with Rice Krispie nests.

Some were Oreo cupcakes topped with Peeps.

I baked them some rosemary shortbread.

And they got some of my nut rolls.

The Blog Tech carried out boxes of food.  I'm taking the day off from cooking today and heading to Amish country to restock!


Anonymous said…
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Christer. said…
That's an easter lunch to remember!

Have fun in Amish country!

what a great meal. i bet there won't be leftovers.
Marcia said…
As the cook I think you were entitled to go along too!
Guillaume said…
Everything looks so delicious. Except the ham. I must confess, I hate ham.
Bee Haven Bev said…
Just catching up with your Easter prep now that our Easter is finished. I am exhausted, so I know you are too!....Everything looks delicious as usual. Your family is very lucky to have you!!!