Sometimes it's hard to tell which end is up.

 Though we still have had no rain, Spring is showing up.  The Viburnum are about to bloom. When we finally get rain, Spring will explode.  Hopefully this happens later today.

 Hostas are popping up everywhere.

 The Japanese Maples are opening.

 The W's are spending a lot of time outside.

 We build a fire in the fire pit each night.

 One W is already laying in front of the fan in the garden room to cool off.

 Spring work has begun.  They just replaced this side of the house last Summer but did not insulate well enough and I had frozen pipes this Winter.  So, here we go again.  The joys of old houses and incompetent workers.

 Winnie is happy to have workers here, she's the only one.

 Oakleaf Hydrangeas hold on to winter even though spring is peeking out.

 My Fall Flowering Cherry is putting on quite a show this year.

Sitting under it is like sitting under a beautiful, delicate lace umbrella. 


Christer. said…
That cherry tree is really beautiful!

So that was why You had frozen pipes!

We are a bit behind when it comes to spring here but not as much as we usually are. Tow nights in a row have been nasty cold here though, only 14F.

Have a great day!

Susan said…
What a difference! A Chow Chow that looks forward to workmen!! What a royal pain - why can't they do the job right in the first place? Even with your dry conditions, your gardens are beautiful.
Leanna said…
Your cherry tree is magnificent. So much beauty. Idiot workers. It's so hard to get competent people these days. It was 97 degrees hot yesterday. It's supposed to be near that again today. Summer is here early. We are expecting rain this weekend. It will be perfectly on time with the pecan blooms going full bore. We need that rain to drench the roots in the spring and then again in the mid to late summer so we have meaty pecans.
Your cherry tree is fantastic! I think I saw a glimpse of your house. It's a beaut!
Yeah, no matter the age of a house, there is always something that needs to be done. Always.
Gawd, there's nothing worse than frozen pipes! What a mess that can be. Those cherry blossoms are gorgeous!
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures. Here the weather is a bit schizophrenic.
winnie and willie belong outdoors. they look so happy. beautiful photos. great scenery.