Summer Is Coming

 Easter is over, we are having temps in the 70's and there are painters all over my house.  Summer is coming.  Now I just have to get through Memorial Day.

And Midsummer. I might have a big solstice party this year.

 4th of July.

 Then Labor Day.  And then!!!!!

 Yay!  Off to the races again!

I'm already anticipating my first pumpkin.


Mary said…
Wow that was fast, here in New England we have fickle weather. Last week 70 degrees for a day and then back to 45. I am not a fan of summer heat and humidity so will not rush for summer! I always think summer looks good on paper then wham humidity hits you. No central A/C here either. You enjoy though.
Susan said…
I was going to say - I almost got whiplash, going through this year! How are the pups with the painters?
It's always great to have something to look forward to!
Guillaume said…
Yes, summer seems to be on its way here too, although apparently it will get colder again by the end of the week. I am glad I am not the only one starting to think of autumn and Halloween. Soon there will be Walpurgis Night.
can't wait for pumpkin time.