On Mother's Day my daughter and I drove out to the country.  We saw lots of geese with their goslings.  You can see the small brown dots if you enlarge the pic.

 One gosling broke from the group and headed down the highway.  It's parents followed and managed to block the road.

 We followed them a long time until they lead their baby into a field.  You can see the baby next to the goose on the right.  They were so cute!

 When we returned, my daughter gave us a cake she made for me.

It's a strawberry cake made with pulverized dried strawberries.  It tasted like biting into a giant, fresh strawberry.

She filled it with vanilla bean buttercream.  Everyone loved it.


Rain said…
The cake looks amazing Joyce! Your daughter is so talented with the baking!! Oh the gosling...they are so cute. But those geese are SO protective, which they should be, but sometimes if we get too close to the side of the lake where they have their nest, they squawk and chase us away! :)
Leanna said…
OMG! I can almost taste it from the description. Vanilla bean icing most likely set the tastes apart and complimented it. There was a duck and three itty bitty ducklings walking in the middle of the street when David was coming home for lunch yesterday. He called the police to see what they could do. They threw a net over the ducklings and the momma followed the officer to the creek down the street. Everyone was very happy when the ducklings were set free. David says this happens every spring. Ducks have their young and then go on a trek to the river. Sometimes they can't find it so police have to step in and help.
the geese sound sweet. i always enjoy seeing them too. that cake looks awesome. love strawberries.
Marcia said…
Your daughter has a real baking talent. Wonder who she got that from? Looks like you had a nice Mother's Day. I did too up in New Hampshire.
Guillaume said…
I love geese, I love strawberry cake when it is made of really strawberries. Reminds me of the shortcakes of my childhood.
Laura said…
That cake is gorgeous and sounds delicous!