Memorial Day Weekend 2019

 Preparing for my Memorial Day party has given me a major kick in the butt to get some things done.

I was out back this morning as the sun was rising.  My patio lanterns were still shining.

 I plan on trimming all of these boxwood's before Monday.

 There are a lot of them to be trimmed.

 The Phlox is blooming.

 I love how it cascades down the steps.

 I also have a lot of power washing to do starting with the stone table.

 The pool is open.  All of that stone coping has to be power washed.

 The fountain is cleaned and ready to be turned on.

 My Climbing Hydrangea is opening and should be in full bloom by Monday.

 This is the side door to my garage.

 It opens to a small foyer.

 Which leads to the garage bathroom.

 The Larkspur is about to bloom too.


 I have tomatoes.  These should be red by The 4th of July.

Lots of tomato blossoms too.

 The planter garden is taking over part of my driveway. Okay, enough of this blog business, I have to get to work!


Susan said…
Everything looks wonderful, even without the power washing! I assume you don't plan on sleeping or eating between now and Monday? A garage bathroom? Who knew? I am sure the Ws are willing to 'help'...
Have fun gardening and trimming those boxwoods!
NanaDiana said…
My gosh! What a beautiful, beautiful place!!! I know your recipes and all but don't believe I have ever seen the whole of the world around your home. It is gorgeous---lots of work, I know, but so worth it. xo Diana
Rain said…
Get to work Joyce!!! :) You are the hostess with the most-ess!! :) I LOVE that door knocker, so amazing! The phlox is so pretty as it cascades!
Christer said…
Beautiful as always over at Yours!
Must say that this is the first time I've seen a garage bathroom :-)

Have a great day!

Leanna said…
A garage bathroom is a perfect thing. No more waiting to unlock the house to get to the bathroom when it's right there.
Anonymous said…
Lovely landscape. Just the respite we need after Trump's temper tandrum. What is the tall stucco wall bordering side of your garden? Looks so European.
-Eileen in Fla.
Guillaume said…
Lovely pictures as usual.
Tikkun said…
Your yard is so gorgeous! You have a bathroom in your garage?!?!? How long do you hang out in your garage lolololol!?
Kay said…
Wow! You have the most gorgeous, perfect home and garden. It's like it's from a magazine. I'm trying not to be envious, and just be happy for what a wonderful place you have to live and work. Absolutely awesome!
a beautiful place indeed.
Gorgeous!! It will looks fantastic...even if all that list didn't get done....