Willie was bored with all of this Memorial Day party preparation yesterday.  He said he felt like he was in puppy jail.  He wished someone would just come along and pet him.  (They did!)

He was outside the entire time the porch was being cleaned and he was not interested.  He did like the addition of the flags in the geranium pots.

 Yesterday, I made my cherry pie filling.  It's very easy but quite expensive unless you have your own sourse for sour cherries.   Whether you buy them canned or frozen, they are about 5.00 per package.  Each pie uses 4 packages so you are at 20.00 per pie just for the filling.  I think they are worth the price though.


4 cans or bags of sour cherries.  They must be the sour ones.
1/2 C. sugar
4 T. corn starch
1 tsp. almond extract

Dump the cherries in a heavy pot reserving 1 cup of cherry juice.  Add the sugar. Add the cornstarch to the cherry juice and stir until combined.  Add this combo to the cherries and stir cooking over medium heat until it begins to thicken.  Remove from the heat and add the almond extract.  Let this cool completely before filling your pies.

 The cherry juice.

 It turns pink when you add the cornstarch but it will turn red as it cooks.

 Stir just until it begins to thicken.

Mmmmm...this is the best cherry pie filling!  I'll show you the pies tomorrow.


Mmmmm, there's nothing better than cherry pie!
Christer. said…
He really looks bored :-) :-)

I do like cherry pie but have it too seldom. It looks delicious!

Have a great day!

Kay said…
Oh gracious! My mouth started watering. We had a sour cherry tree in our Illinois backyard. I miss it.
Cottage Tails said…
do people really pat your chows. What JOY
Leanna said…
OMG! I can almost smell the cherries cooking. Poor baby boy. He's so bored.
Rain said…
I love me some cherry pie!!! Willie looks so cute, poor little jailbird!! :)