A Big Italian Dinner

Yesterday, The Blog Tech and his wife and my daughter came over for Sunday dinner.  I made Italian food.  Willie had one too many and passed out on the floor.

Winnie does not imbibe so she was very perky. Actually, they were both intoxicated by the smells.

I made a giant lasagna.

 The first cut is always the ugliest but I forgot to take pics of the other pieces.

My kids love Olive Garden.  Where did I go wrong?  So, I made them a copycat Olive Garden salad.  I've never eaten there but they said I nailed the recipe.

 I made braciole.

 It's beef that has been pounded thin, covered in prosciutto, breadcrumbs, cheese and fresh herbs, then rolled and browned and braised.  The sauce is delicious.  It's made with red wine, beef stock and 20 cloves of garlic.

It was quite the hit.  I hadn't made this in years.

I also made meatballs.  My kids love meatballs.

 This is a new recipe for me.  Ricotta and herb scones.

 I ran out of ricotta so I used cottage cheese and 5 different herbs from my garden.  They were a flavor explosion.  Most excellent.

I also made my olive, mushroom and cheese bread.

And then there was dessert.  I was being lazy and decided to just serve sundaes. I made a pan of toasted walnut shortbread.

 And chocolate fudge sauce.

 Caramel sauce.

Maple walnut sauce
And butterscotch sauce.  I made some whipped cream too and strawberry sauce.  I placed a slice of shortbread in each bowl and topped it with scoops of vanilla ice cream.  Then I let everyone add their own toppings.  I have no pics because it rapidly turned into a gluttonous feeding frenzy.  The Blog Tech topped his with some of everything.  And he ate two of them.  Then he walked around groaning that he ate too much...duh! They took all of the leftovers so they will have food for the week.  My daughter fed The Chef when he came home from work last night.  Sunday dinners are so much fun!


How on earth does your family stay so slender?
I could eat the lasagna for breakfast today! Or, I could eat it instead of dessert.It looks so good.
Betty said…
All I can say is WOW. That would be my kind of dinner.
Marcia said…
Again I ask when is your recipe book being published? You are an incredible cook!
Leanna said…
Mangiare bene. Everything looks so good!
Anonymous said…
Three questions for you:

What more would you have prepared if you weren't "being lazy!"?

As has been asked numerous times before -- when is your cookbook being published?

Will you adopt me? Please?
Susan said…
So, does NOT being lazy mean that you get up at 3A, instead of 4? And I believe I must have that scone recipe. And all the rest. Yes, maybe you should write a cookbook. In your spare time.
Christer. said…
Looks delicious! Everyone else have already said all that can be said I think :-)

Have a great day!

Alicia Foodycat said…
I don't think a dessert that you make 5 different accompaniments for counts as "being lazy"! My kind of lazy is handing out spoons and a carton of ice cream.
Guillaume said…
I'd eat an Italian feast like that today, but it is time for local Quebec food for me.