Almost Summer

 I like to put up posts like this so that I can look back next year and see what this year's garden was doing.  This morning it was 52 degrees when I woke up.  We have had an idyllic Spring this year.

 My tomatoes are loving the rainy weather.

 I already have one turning red.

 The celery is really loving this rainy cool weather.

 So far, I like these small beds on wheels.  I move the tomatoes around all day to follow the sun.

 Lupines are blooming now.  I planted them in planters this year and they seem to like it.

 My lettuce has been prolific.  This planter is the perfect size to raise lettuce to feed two people.

 The Clematis is blooming.

 More tomatoes.

My Black Eyed Susan vines are growing up the back of the bird cage and should be covering it by Fall.

 The glorious Oakleaf Hydrangeas are opening.

Such a lush Spring.  I've only had to water about 6 times since I planted.  It will be wonderful if we don't have our usual hot, humid Summer this year.


Your own little corner of paradise!
Betty said…
Love your flowers and veggies. We have been having too much rain this year. Our veggie garden is just growing, but I do see blossoms.
Christer. said…
Beautiful as always and those tomatoes look great!

Windy, rainy and cold here today, barely above 50F and it will be much the same tomorrow, my tomatoes hate this weather.

Have a great day!

Leanna said…
Simply beautiful! I love your garden so much. It reminds me of my aunts garden in Maryland. She has dogwoods and roses everywhere. I really do wish our spring and summer weather was always in the 60'sand the 70's. It would make life so much more bearable.
Marcia said…
I read that its to be a cooler than normal summer. But then we have had the most rain ever!

Everything looks lush.
Guillaume said…
For me, summer starts with June. Although it sure does not feel or look like summer much here. Love the pics, as usual.
Bee Haven Bev said…
Everything looks beautiful... as always. It was 44 degrees here this morning. You would have loved it!!
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