The W's

 Each morning, as the sun rises, I let The W's out to greet the new day.  They are usually less than enthusiastic.

 These two love to sleep.  They have just slept for 10 straight hours and probably could have done at least 2-3 more if I didn't make them wake up.

 Look at the mug on this little boy.  He can hardly open his eyes.  Walter Mathchow.

After a little nap, I'm sure they will be ready to tackle the day.


that's the way I feel--let me have a nap before I get started.
Leanna said…
For some strange reason, I was thinking Walter Mathchow before I read that comment. He looks almost like him.
Rain said…
Oh they are so cute and poofy lol...I love to sleep! If I could sleep 10 hours a day I'd be happy! Alex said something yesterday that made me laugh "I live to sleep"... :)
Susan said…
I believe I could just dive into the middle of that beautiful furry fluffiness and sleep for hours myself.
Are those sleepyheads CATS in disguise?
Christer. said…
I feel like them right now. High humidity, nasty warm but thunder will arrive thankfully.

Have a great day!

Guillaume said…
They look like big fluffy teddy bears.