Sunday Dinner

 Sunday dinner this week was supposed to be a Brazilian feast which I canceled when the heat wave rolled in.  I decided to serve cold salads instead.  Who knew that it would be just as hot making cold salads. Brazilian food will be served at our next Sunday dinner.
The main salad was a Kale Chicken and Pasta Caesar Salad.

 With homemade croutons.

 The kale is massaged with olive oil and lemon juice until it wilts and becomes bright green.

Then the pasta is mixed in.  I made homemade Caesar dressing but you can use store bought if you want to make it quick and easy.  I added grilled chicken and shaved Parmesan.

 Dinner began with carrot vichyssoise.



I didn't want my Brazilian DIL to be too disappointed about her Brazilian dinner being postponed so I made her more Pao de Queijo.
 And I made her Pastil de Carne (Brazilian meat pies).

 These are very similar to Mexican empanadas.

 You can fry them of bake them. They are Brazilian street food and are most often fried.

 The dough is almost like an egg roll when fried.

She was so happy to see these because she only gets them when she visits Brazil.  No one around here makes them.

 Back to the salads!  This is a Thai peanut salad.

And this is a pesto salad topped with Burrata cheese.  I used the pesto I made a while ago with scapes.

Once again, I forgot dessert pics.  Are you noticing a pattern here?  Everyone waits semi patiently for dessert and then once I begin serving it.....the wolves attack!  haha!  My family sure loves dessert.  Yesterday's dessert was a chewy coconut skillet cookie (made by my daughter), topped with coconut ice cream and the coconut syrup I made a few days ago.   Enjoyed by all but me.  I hate desserts.


The Thai peanut salad is calling me.
Christer. said…
Thos Pstil de Carne looks delicious! A must try.

Have a great day!

It all looks delicious. I hate desserts after a meal. I like mine later after a couple of hours, at least.
Rain said…
What a spread!!! I'm so happy you included the vichyssoise recipe. I'm totally going to try it this summer! By the way, what kind of oil do you use to fry? I used to use Canola and it stunk up the joint to the point where we just gave up on deep frying.
jaz@octoberfarm said…
i rarely fry food but when i do i use vegetable oil.
Guillaume said…
That looks absolutely delicious and very summery.
Betty said…
I need to start cooking again.