Witches and Some of My Witch Things

 And not soon enough!

The W's and I had a bad couple days.  In this horrible, hot, humid weather, our A/C quit working.

 We called the repair people and they promised to arrive first thing in the morning.  By 3:00 pm, the house was 85 degrees when they finally showed up.

After half an hour, they said it wasn't the unit but rather an electrical problem.  At this point, I had 2 fans blowing full speed on each pup and they were heavily panting.

 We decided to move down to the guest house until it was repaired and guess what?  The A/C wasn't working there either.  WHAT???

I called our general contractor and told them we had an emergency and could they get an electrician here asap?

 They could but he was almost 2 hours away.

We waited and waited until he finally showed up.  And now guess what happened?

 It wasn't the circuit at all.  It was a problem with the unit.

We called the A/C repair again and the head of the company came out and finally fixed it.

 I can't wait to get the electricians bill and see how much absolutely nothing cost us.

This house is over 125 years old.

 At it's best, it is hard to cool off.

 By 8:00 pm last night, the temp had dropped 2 degrees.

 We slept with  3 fans blowing on us.

 Finally, this morning it is a bit cooler.

 But the remnants of the hurricane are just starting to hit us.

 We are in for thunderstorms all day.

 They weather people are warning us this morning that we will be over 100 degrees for 3 days this weekend with super high humidity.

 What fun.

 And I have lots of cooking to do which means a tortuously hot kitchen

 This is just one of the reasons that I daydream about.....



I live in Alabama. We are a subtropical rainforest. My ac was not working right, and I almost died. Seriously, I was suffering. I feel bad for you and the dogs. It is certainly not fun and can be dangerous. There are portable ac units that sit on the floor and vent out the window. You could all sleep in one room...lol. My house was in the high 80s before I got the ac right. I loved the witches on this post.
Oh no! Why do things break when we need them most? You should send the electrician's bill to the A/C people -- it was their incompetence that made you incur it! Repair people who don't know what they're doing are so frustrating to deal with. Then they just try to bullshit their way out of it and pass the buck.
Rain said…
I LOVE your witch things!! Especially the tea pots and that lovely painting! I'd have cursed the entire lot of those "specialists"....I hope it's cooler today for you. Did they fix the green house A/C too?
Leanna said…
Here in my part of Texas, many people tend to have either central air or AC units mounted in their windows. David and I opted for the window units. One reason is that it's cheaper than a central unit by $150 on the monthly electric bill. We have energy saver units, one for each room except the kitchen and bathroom. We love it because we keep cool all day long in the summer and the AC units are so cheap that if one breaks down we just replace it. We have been very blessed that the four units in our house have been running for more than 6 years now. Our neighbor said they made a big mistake when they had central air put in their home. Their electric bill in the summer is close to $300 monthly as ours is less than $100. Stay cool, darlin.
Christer. said…
Yes old tree houses are hard to cool down, my cottage is slightly younger than Yours though, ten years or so :-)

Glad that they could fix the problem even though I think the rrepairs business should pay You for the electrician who shouldn't have had to come at all.

I do feel sorry for You with those high temperatures!

Guillaume said…
I adore all these pictures.
love everything. glad you got your air conditioning back. stay cool in the heat.
Megs said…
So glad you and the sweet W’s are ok. I’m sure you were worried about them. It’s frustrating to be hot, but with the pups,it’s life threatening. We stopped going to dog shows until the weather gets cooler. Can’t wait until fall!
Cottage Tails said…
now that is hot! we are in depths of winter probably not cold enough here for you tho. as alays love your witch collecton, and i still have mine xx