On The Road Again

 We made our weekly trip to Amish country yesterday.

 It's been 10 days since we were there and the leaves have changed a little bit more.

 The fields are lush from all the rain.

 As hot as it's been, we have had a storm almost every day which is so good for the crops.

 We pass this underground house on our way.

 You can see how it is built under this mound.  I would love to see the inside and hear the story behind it.

 The mums have been set out and will be blooming soon and ready for sale.

 We drive through one little town after another and see some very nice houses.

 Sorry for the quality of this pics but I am taking them while driving.

 Do you see the something to the right of the mailbox?

 A giant pumpkin!  The fields are full of them.  There aren't any for sale yet but I'm thinking in one more week we will find them in the markets.

 A Mennonite woman and her daughter arranging produce at their market.

More mums growing in the field.

 I bought 10 dozen eggs.

 The last of the peaches.

 The best Italian plums I've had in a long time.  When I was young, we grew these plums and they were one of my favorite things to eat.  My mother used to can them.

 I bought my husband a local cantaloupe.  He loves them, I hate them.

 The first of the Honey Crisp apples.  My favorite!  I can't wait to make pies.

 We stopped at my favorite thirft shop and I found this cute little skeleton as well as this nice little cutting board.

 It's tomato season.  As soon as I can find the time, I have to buy lots of these and make sauce to freeze for winter.

 I bought more sunflowers.  I have loved having sunflowers in my kitchen all summer.  They last exactly a week.

 Lettuce and candy onions.

And I was thrilled to find Italian flat beans.  I am so happy to see the Mennonite and Amish getting more adventurous in what they grow.  This is the first time I've found these in this area.  I am now good for another week until I go back for more.


They must know you by name by now!
Christer. said…
Looks like a great trip!

They have started to sell mums over here now and I think I'll buy some and plant in my garden this year. Normally they don't survive the winter here but since winters have become rather mild lately I thought I would try some.

My first tomato is becomming red now :-)

Have a great day!

Leanna said…
OMG! David says I'm strange for not liking Honey Dew or any kind of melons. Thank the Goddess I'm not the only strange woman. I love when you take pictures of your outings. They look like so much fun.
Guillaume said…
Yummy harvest. I love fresh vegs, their smell and look and taste. Oh and these houses look lovely with something a tad sinister.
Rain said…
Giant pumpkins!!! I am seriously going to grow some when I settle. That's something I've always wanted to do! I went to a giant pumpkin contest when I lived on P.E.I. and they were amazing! All of the produce looks so fresh! That cutting board and skeleton combo is wonderful!! :) I've heard of underground homes before, they are good for insulation apparently. How neat!