Thrift Shopping

I had a lot of running around to do yesterday and wouldn't you know it took me right past two of my favorite thrift stores.  I was shocked and delighted to find this wonderful oil portrait.

 Who is she?  I would love to now.

It's is beautifully framed too.

Here she is sitting on the thrift store shelves.  What a sad place for this beautiful girl in her gorgeous gown to end up.  I brought her home and she seems happier to be out of that thrift shop.  I would love to know the story behind this painting. She cost me all of 20.00. 

 Here is another great piece I picked up for 4.00.  This is an early piece but it has no markings.

 I'm guessing the painting and this crock came from the same place.  Both are Early American.

 A plain little wooden candlestick for 79 cents.  It's not a big deal but it will be part of the Thanksgiving centerpiece I am working on.

 Two amber glass candle holders.  They will be used at Thanksgiving this year too.  49 cents each.

I took the wick holder off of this oil lamp and will replace it with a new one.  Another Thanksgiving find for 3.99.  It was a good thrift day!

I didn't find these guys at the thrift store.  They are so bored with this nasty weather that they don't know what to do with themselves.  We have a cold front coming in tonight so we will finally get a break and have a bit if cooler weather.  They will be thrilled!  The Farmer's Almanac predicts a big cool down for our area in mid September so it looks like Fall will arrive in a few weeks.  Woohoo!!!


You need to take your oil painting to Antiques Roadshow!
Rain said…
What a lovely find, look up Thomas Sully. He's an oil painter from PA and I think this could be one of his. All you do is right click on the photo, and if you're using Chrome, choose "Search Google For Image" and usually you can find information that way! The poor W's...they look antsy! I hope you have an early fall and I have a late summer!!! :)
Rain said…
...edit...he's a Brit I think, but spent time in Philly.
Christer. said…
We're having a heat wave coming this weekend, we always have the opposite to what You have :-) :-)

I do like that painting and I wonder what her life was like.

Albin is bored over here since he doesn't want to go outside in bad weather :-) He really should live in a lukewarm climate all year :-)

Have a great day!

Leanna said…
You always find the prettiest things at your thrift stores.
Funny true story, I was at the Home Desperate with David yesterday and we took Lucy for the fun of it. She loves to go to the store. Anywho, we were checking out and all of a sudden I pointed at Lucy and asked the checkout girl how much for the cute little Boston. I was pointing at Lucy and Lucy was all crazy and happy all of a sudden. The girl playing along went on the intercom and said, "price check on a cute Boston, please." Instantly that brought all the attention Lucy could ever wish for. She was in heaven giving kisses out like candy to everyone that wanted to see her.
She had the time of her life.
Arcadia said…
Please excuse my poor english, I'm french and never sure to express properly but she IS a thomas Sully marvelous painting of miss Pearce (spelling ?). Just a repro costs around 100/150$ so if it's an original.... wow. Pure beauty !
I would have sell a kidney to get this wonder ! Great find !!
Anonymous said…
I believe the original Miss Pearce by artist Thomas Sully hangs in the Worcester Art Museum. Prints range from $40 - $225. Regardless of worth it is not a bad find, if it moves you.
Guillaume said…
You discover the most wonderful items thrift shopping.